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Babool Dabur Red Pulling Oil brings together the vast Ayurvedic experience of Dabur and the goodness of modern science to bring to your home the Ayurvedic therapy of ‘Kavala Gandusha’. The therapy finds prominent mention in our ancient Grantha/scripture ‘Charaka Samhita’ as being extremely effective for Oral Care. Based on the therapeutic benefits of daily regimen or ‘Dincharya’ as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts, ‘Kavala Gandusha’ or Oil pulling is known to prevent diseases of the mouth, teeth and gums.

The Ayurvedic texts refer to two different basic techniques:

  • Kavala Kriya: This technique refers to swishing of oil inside your mouth and then spiting it out.
  • Gandusha Kriya: This technique in Ayurveda refers to holding the oil inside the mouth for comparatively larger time and spiting it.

Dabur Red Pulling Oil is a unique blend of natural oils, which is scientifically proven to kill 99.9% germs inside your mouth without using any chemical or alcohol in a completely natural way, and also helps strengthen teeth and gums.

Thus, Dabur Red Pulling Oil is not just a mouthwash, it is a daily therapy for oral health and hygiene.

More than Just a Mouthwash


Ingredients with benefits

Ingredients with benefits

Steps to Use

Steps to Use

Dabur Red Pulling Oil TVCs

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Introducing Dabur Red Pulling Oil Ayurvedic Mouthwash, with Kavala Gandusha Therapy

Customer Testimonials

Value for money

By vmkasturi24 | 18th Sep, 2016

Best herbal toothpaste, nice taste, use little very strong, worthy to buy and what notion mentioned is true to best, but it blindly best against the other toothpaste. Available in the market, if u use twice a daily definetly would not have gum or tooth decay problem, no need of mouth wash.

Good Ayurvedic Effects

By Bhaskaran | 13th Dec, 2016

Myself Bhaskaran, a native of Chennai wishing to record the good effects of your toothpaste Dabur red. I am at 65 and used to have dental carries due to smoking for 25 years. I have to visit my Dentist every alternate month for my dental problems. I have seen your product Dabur red at supermarket and started using the product six months back.It really worked and I have stopped going to my Dentist for the last six months. I am really proud to associate with Indian ayurvedic super product. Kudos to Dabur Red.


By tumerimaiterajanu | 12 days ago

Hello, mayself saurabh. I am using this dabur red toothpaste for about 11months. this toothpaste is very effective. many days before I have toothpain in my teeth. but after using dabur red toothpaste I have got relief from my toothpain. my teeth became more white. thank you dabut red toothpaste

Why Dabur

Dabur has a proud legacy of 132 years in developing landmark Ayurvedic products using scientific methods. Scientific rigour ensures that Ayurvedic formulations from Dabur aren’t just a random mix of herbs. Ingredients are tested for their efficacy, both individually and in combination with each other. After several rounds of ingredient calibration, a final standardised formulation is arrived at. Dabur’s focus has been to make ancient knowledge of Ayurveda usable for modern times without compromising its authenticity. This has earned Dabur products respect of the scientific community and unshakeable trust of its consumers.