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Once again I thank and recommend Dabur Red Toothpaste against cavities and give 100/100 marks - Naresh Kr sharma, 4th December 2017

Hi sir, this is Naresh Kumar sharma from Jaipur. First of all I would like to thank Dabur India team for their superb innovation, Dabur red toothpaste. I have been using it for last 2_3 years and found very good results. It help me in get rid off cavity problem. I have tried many toothpaste before it but all they failed to stop cavity problem. But when I tried Dabur red toothpaste it gave me great results in removing cavity problem. Recently my daughter and son suffered from cavity problem and I tried brushing them with Dabur red toothpaste both the time, now I see cavity is removing slowly slowly and they are feeling good now. Further its taste is very good and its give fresh feeling mouth for long time. Once again I thank you and recommend this toothpaste for all and give 100 out of 100 marks.

Value for money - VM Kasturi, Mumbai - 18th Sept 2016

Best herbal toothpaste, nice taste, use little very stong, worthy to buy and what notion mentioned is true to best, buy it blindly best against the other toothpaste available in the market, if u use twice a daily defiantly would not have gum or tooth decay problem, no need of mouth wash,

Fast action - Tumerimainterajanu, Muzaffarpur - 21st Oct 2016

Hello , , myself saurabh??. I am using this dabur red toothpaste for about 11 months . this toothpaste is very effective ????. many days before I have toothpain in my teeth???? . but after using dabur red toothpaste I have got relief from my toothpain?? . my teeth became more white . thank you dabur red toothpaste

Great toothpaste - tahercricket123 – 17th June 2016

Dabur is one of the most trusted brands in india and has many good products with good ratings on Mouthshut.com always when I use dabur products I find them better in long run, dabur is an ayurvedic based concept better for long runs, earlier when you use the toothpaste you wont be comfortable with it but later after a year when you leave dabur red and try another toothpaste you realise that dabur was perfect, after you try new one in doesnt seem to be effective dabur keeps away from dental problems, dental problems, and other oral problems when I use dabur I dont have to go for dentist frequently, hence I recommend you dabur and would say to use atleast for 6 months and then see its effect.

Good toothpaste - spal0014, Nabadwip – 10th Feb 2016

I use this product for 5 to 6 yeras. It is a very product.it is a natural product.it keeps our teeth very strong.for the natural product, it keeps us health.but it has one negative point.
The flavour is very rich. After use it I can not eat my breakfast.and it is a very annoying because after brushing my mouth burn by the flavour.but overall this works very good.

Cleaned my teeth and my mouth fresh all day long. -iamdev202, Kolkota – 31st March 2016

This is the only toothpaste i'm using since my childhood.My Grand mother recommend this toothpaste.At first the toothpaste taste not good to me.After using it, i got the awesomeness of this product.I got benefited.It cleaned my mouth & teeth.Now i'm used to it.It is less in price.My whole family is using it.I recommend this one to all my friend.This is red in colour.But that doesn't matter at all.It cleans the teeth and fresh mouth.

Helps To Reduce Lots Of Tooth Problems. - rdaraz, Bareilly – 22nd Jan 2016

I have brought 100 gram Dabur Red toothpaste and utilizing for most recent two month and Suddenly discovered my gums draining issue was enhancing day by day.Teeth looks more white and solid then some time recently.
Fixings like Lavang, Pudina and Tomar gives incredible feel inside the mouth while brushing. Likewise I have seen that there is no odor from mouth for the duration of the day which truly makes this toothpaste a complete mouth cleaner package.Overall Dabur Red toothpaste is finished toothpaste which covers every single essential element of good toothpaste.
Individuals having gum draining and tooth rot issue ought to utilize this item in any event for three months and watch the distinction.
It contains Lavang which is customarily known for determining teeth issue and Lavang likewise goes about as incredible solution for awful broadness. Pudina or Mint likewise help to refreshes the broadness.

Natural Cure for Dental Problems - Zaman01, Kolkota – 23rd Dec 2015

I have been using Dabur Red Toothpaste for the last 2-3 years.It is said to contain 13 active Ayurvedic ingredients like Laung, Pudina & Tomar.Previoulsy I had been using various brands but after using Dabur red toothpaste my family has decided to stick to it.
The ingredients help prevent dental problem in the following way:
Clove oil: Helps in fighting germs and cure gingivitis & it also acts as an analgesic Kashni roots - Has anti-inflammatory properties
Pudina Satwa- Helps prevent Bad breath and Toothache
Tomar Seeds- Helps prevent bad breath & also has anit bacterial properties
Ginger- Helps prevent Toothache
Maricha fruits - Is a breath freshener & also has anti germ properties
If one is having dental problem or not this product must be tried out at least for ones as it has so many naturally active ingredients.

Refreshing change to an early morning routine ! - chosen9, India – 31st Dec 2015

I was tired of using the usual toothpaste brands of Colgate or Pepsodent for a long time, so to try out some different brand and product, I thought of trying out Dabur Red Toothpaste. Since I started using this toothpaste I like it the most and now a regular user of this toothpaste and will never get bored of using this one I am sure as it leaves the mouth feeling refreshed in a natural way, a feeling that wakes you up from your slumber and is more effective than my morning cup of tea.
It’s made of natural ingredients like clove oil, pudina, tomar beej, and ginger and no fluorides thereby killing germs, reducing sensitivity, and keeping your gums teeth strong.
My experience with this toothpaste was effective as it stopped the bleeding of my gums and I feel no sensitivity when I eat hot or cold food. The flavour is strong but that’s what I like and keeps me refreshed for long.
A very well packed sturdy toothpaste tube which contains this red paste which when I gargle with water leaves a few stains in washbasin but then its effective so I have no complains as such.Just need to wash the basin very well again.I bought a 200 gram for Rs 84 in the market and the price is reasonable compared to the job it does really well.

Herbal & Good for plaque, gum disorders, toothache - Himaliac, Jaipur – 20th July 2016

Value for money.
You only need a little amount.
Flavor of toothpaste is bit too strong with the mint & clove, good for long-lasting fresh breath.
power of 13 active Ayurvedic ingredients.
I like the taste.
Will continue to repurchase.
list of toothpastes in India that contained tobacco: Colgate Herbal, Himalaya Neem paste, Neem Tulsi, RA Thermoseal, Sensoform & Stoline & toothpowders: Dabur Red, Vicco, Musaka Gul, Payokil, Unadent and Alka Dantmanjan 200gm 88 INR MRP Value pack 200g+100g (free ToothBrush) 135 INR MRP
Stopped using the popular brands colgate & pepsodent or other, which need large amount for fom with so many chemicals in it. & also a foreign brands.

My freshness due to dabur red - manusrini12359, Erode – 04th March 2016

I am using this toothpaste for 5 years.it is making me fresh.my mouth freshness is due to this toothpaste compared to other products.it gives me good freshness and I am to able to interact with others without any problem.my wish is to advice all Indian should use this product.no side effects, no pain, no cavities in my teeth. I am so lucky to use this toothpaste.
It giving me good freshness mouth.my family members also using this toothpaste still now.there is no change in that.kindly please use this toothpaste for your freshness.i am completing my review thank you.

Very Nice Product - Dabur red Toothpaste - MANI456, Pindicherry – 27th Feb 2016

Hello All,
Dabur Red Toothpaste is the main organization which totally cover the entire business of the toothpaste market.Dabur Red is a standout amongst the most offering toothpaste in the present day.
This brand made a decent notoriety in the market.Because they never trade off his quality.The nature of this brand is great and useful for the use.I utilized this toothpaste twice as a part of the day.
It makes me crisp and stay it entire day.Dabur Red is extremely helpful for the keeping the cavity issues and it likewise keep alternate harms of the teeth.for making this brand they utilize a decent nature of the items such as neem and other great things.flavor of the toothpaste is great.
Dabur Red, individuals utilizing this brand from the long time so it is exceptionally trustful.The expense of the toothpaste is less and individuals effortlessly stand to it.
Today it is turned into the piece of my life. The general toothpaste is great and useful for the utilization.

Pure herbal toothpaste - kummanmohan10 , Bhadrak - 15th Feb 2016

I am manamohan biswal and sorry I am not using this paste I am saying about this because my child using this paste.
This is a best paste for your child and everyone should this paste for your child. This paste packaging is amazing and beautiful. Its red cute packaging is attractive.It is dabur company production which made from pure auyrvedic product.
It makes your teeth strong and white.This paste contain maricha, pippali, sunthi, lavanga, karpura, pudina and many more things.It is pure herbal and veg toothpaste.
It makes your teeth strong shine and gum free.It reduces bad breath.But I have a problem of this paste that its test is very bad we adjust it. But my son always complain me. It is best for children because they eat always snakes for this it casues dental problem but this toothpaste keeps dental problem away.
It keeps your mouth fresh for 12 hour.Its cost is nt much more.You can easily afford it. its cost 45 ruppes for 100 gm.This paste is effective for everyone.
Please please please please dabour company do some change with the test.Otherwise it is a very very very very very very good toothpaste everyone should use this paste .
Thank you.

Effective toothpaste for teeth - SUBRAT_1111, BHUBNESHWAR – 5th Feb 2016

Dabor red is a very effective ayruvedic toothpaste for teeth and I have been using it for two year.i used to suffering teethache and looking a toothpaste.i applied many paste like clogate, pepsoden but no result.dabour red taste is bitter but good for teeth.now I used to brush with dabor red in morning and night after dinner.
It is effective because it contain ayruvedic ingredient.my mother advised me this toothpaste.now I can honestly say my teethache has been reduced. My concern was my teethache and I got relief after brush with this toothpaste. You can found many toothpaste in market but their price is high and contain titanium oxide, fluoride which isn't good for our teeth.dabur red price is cheap and available in small pack. Everybody must used this because it has no side effect and a ayruvedic product.i recommend dabur red.

Smile with Dabur - bharatiapu, rajgurunager – 22nd Jan 2016

Dabur Red Toothpaste is best for profound cleaning. I am a general client of Dabur Red toothpaste and never confronted gum or teeth related issues. It contains clove which is great hostile to bacterial item, murders just about 99% of germs.
It's a red and solid toothpaste which is destructive for germs. Yet, the odor is smidgen illuminating and taste is bad.
Your teeth will be left extremely clean and fresh. The clove taste is quite predominant and there is a strong tingle from it - if you get it on your lips it can almost sting.They say that this tooth paste contains some herbal extract like miswak, lemon, etc. Nice taste and it doesn't have fluoride. I was happily surprised by a free toothbrush in the box.
Very useful for whole family. Strengten our teeth. Packing is good and also available in differernt packings. Medicinal and clinical treatment for teeth. Recommended for those who have gum bleeding problem. Fresh and sensational feeling arund the clock. Keep our teeth healthy and wealthy.

BEST TOOTHPASTE FOR TOOTH PROBLEMS - SahaySuthana, Madurai – 19th Jan 2016

Your teeth will be left extremely clean and fresh. The clove taste is quite predominant and there is a strong tingle from it - if you get it on your lips it can almost sting.They say that this tooth paste contains some herbal extract like miswak, lemon, etc. Nice taste and it doesn't have fluoride. I was happily surprised by a free toothbrush in the box.
initially I brought this tooth paste for my dad that he had some tooth plague I suggest this paste after some days he recovered from his problem There is a lovely clean taste after using Dabur Red and after the infection cleared up he kept on using it. Now I too using this paste. THANKS TO DABUR RED PASTE

Chigi wigi

I am using this produt from three years intially I have getting pain in my teeth and teeth is like yellow colur but after using this product I am free from pain, smell and yellowish . The dabur red toothpaste contains many ingredients like peppermint which keeps mouth and breathe fresh. Laung oil is used which relieves toothache so I suggest people to use this

Good paste - rajashekar254, 21st July 2016

From the childhood time I use to different types of toothpastes since not knowing their brands. I had one teeth effected and turned into black colour. After certain age I realised and advice from elders and I started using DABUR RED toothpaste and benefited with good results .My teeth colour also improved little bit towards white colour . Now all of our family members are using only dabur red toothpaste . My mother was more benefited with this toothpaste snice she had a lot of pain in her gums . She used many medicines to get relief from the pain . Finally she started using dabur red toothpaste and the pain reduced so much . Thank you dabur red toothpaste.


Verified Purchase - sagar kumar, 31st January 2021

Dabur Red Pulling Oil is made with pure and natural ingredients and it’s a complete solution for all dental problems. This mouthwash tastes fabulous and is very refreshing, No stinging like alcohol mouthwashes. I recently had a tooth pulled and using this reduced the swelling and soothed the area that was irritated. As part of my ayurvedic routine is a must have. Refreshing and help me have a good breath and healthy oral hygiene.

very good - vitamin dee, 11th Jan 2015

makes U feel fresh and clean.. for so many years I have been using those "standard" (C****** or P*********) fluoridated toothpastes but none have been able to live upto the claims that they make i.e. prevention of caries.. my caries continued to occur and i have to see the dentist regularly... as such, they don't give any specific advantage over these Ayurvedic products.. so try it atleast once and decide yourself.. it's economical too..

Must Buy! stop using other toothpastes! - Prashanth, 4th Nov 2015

Awesome toothpaste. Stopped using the popular brands colgate and pepsodent, which are nothing but chemicals and harmful to health. Switched to Dabur red toothpaste long ago and good to find it on amazon.

Safest toothpaste - Ganga GV, 21st June 2016

I am using this toothpaste for 4 years..amazing product. My friend had yellow teeth..after using this it has turned white with out removing enamel of tooth unlike colgate or someother paste..then only i believed this paste and started to buy this dabur paste. I didn't buy this from amazon, usually will buy from local stores..will buy from amazon in future.

Natural and herbal toothpaste - Balan J, 5th Sept 2016

Pure Herbal Toothpaste. Have been using it for more than 6 year, Zero complaints like gum or cavity issues. The paste does not contain any harmful chemicals and other agents like other major brands. You can identify the green color mark at the bottom of the tooth paste to identify the type of paste. I'd advice to buy this combo pack in 01,02 Super value sale day at Amazon for cheaper price. Also you get a toothbrush free, which is a decent medium type brush suitable for any adult. <Don't fall prey for other brand ads, avoid chemicals as much as possible>

Very Satisfied... Very good product... Super fast Delivery - Anonymous customer, 28th May 2016

Dabur Red Paste is a very good quality product, fresh feeling in the mouth after brushing, the feeling lasts long. But one thing is that the paste gives a burning taste when it comes in contact with the tongue, this may be due to the presence of various ayurvedic components in the paste. Packing of the product was wonderful. Amazon packed the paste box with air filled packets, in one word that is awesome. very fast delivery. highly satisfied with the product. one thing is that the mouth of the paste-tube is little big as a result large amount of paste comes quickly even on slight pressure, you must careful while using it on the brush.

5stars - Anonymous customer, 28th May 2016

Use It & fall in love. I bet u'll forget your regular toothpaste (which is mostly ##gate or -up). 1st product recd in special amazon prime packing. Blue colour box, it's nice, like Intel Processor box:) like it. Thumbs up to amazon for the great discount & fast delivery as always.


  • very good - Gagan, 23rd Oct 2015

    the product was very good and very low priced
  • Good product - Sushil, 26th Aug 2016

    the product was very good and very low priced