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Miswak The Wonder Ingredient in Dabur Meswak Toothpaste

26 July 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Miswak is a rare, potent, priceless, wonder herb and is scientifically proven to help sort out dental problems. Dabur has encapsulated the goodness of this wonder herb into the best toothpaste in the world - Meswak. Dabur Meswak toothpaste is a scientifically formulated herbal toothpaste, with pure extracts of the Miswak plant that promises no dental problems.

The Miswak herb is still used by a large number of Indians daily to clean their teeth. Miswak is obtained from the twigs of the Arak, or Peelu tree. Twigs of many other trees like walnut and olive are also in common use. In the Middle East, the most common source of chewing sticks is Arak (Salvadora persica). In West Africa, the lime tree (Citrusaurantafolia) and the orange tree (Citrussinensis) are used. The roots of senna (Cassia vinnea) were used by native Americans, and those of African laburnum, while Neem (Azadirachta indica) is widely used in the Indian subcontinent.

The medical benefit of Miswak has been extensively studied. Miswak is very effective in reduce tartar & plaque, fighting germs & bacteria, keeping gums healthy, preventing tooth decay, eliminating bad breath and ensuring strong teeth. It also kills bacteria that causes gum diseases, fights cavities, keeps the teeth sparkling and increases salivation, thereby inhibiting dry mouth. With its strong antibacterial properties and perpendicular bristles, Miswak is a natural toothbrush, toothpaste and floss combined.

There are many other health benefits associated with the Miswak herb. The Miswak herb enhances memory, eliminates slime, prevents headaches, improves the eye-sight, aids digestion, clears the voice, triggers apprtite, boosts speech and improves intelligence. Thus it is helpful for not only your dental problems but the health of your whole body. The Miswak herb is also greatly recommended by Islam. The use of Miswak is a pre-lslamic custom, which was adhered to by the ancient Arabs to get their teeth white and shiny. It also contributed to ritual purity. Maintain proper oral hygiene and choose the right toothpaste to keep all dental problems away & ensure proper dental care.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene and using the right toothpaste plays a vital role in keeping dental problems such as plaque, cavities, tartar and tooth decay away. Visit our blog to know more about dental care and following an oral care routine to keep teeth strong and healthy


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