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Causes & Prevention for Tooth Loss

27 July 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Teeth and their contribution to the wellbeing of human body is immense. The loss of tooth can cause more than just discomfort, trauma and embarrassment. Losing your teeth could signal a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes. The best toothpaste in the world - Dabur Red is like a magical mantra that safeguards the teeth.

Dabur Red Paste is a unique blend of traditional Indian Medicine and modern pharmaceutical technology. It is the best toothpaste for gum problems and it is packed with the power of 13 active Ayurvedic ingredients like Laung, Pudina & Tomar that keep all your dental problems away. This Ayurvedic toothpaste is very successful against cavities, tooth loss, plaque, gingivitis and bad breath and can show considerable relief if used to soothe these dental problems. It is a must to use it to prevent the falling of teeth. So come, let us see what the common causes of tooth loss in people are:

  • Poor oral hygiene - Irregular brushing and flossing causes plaque accumulation on the teeth surface which in turn causes cavities. Poor oral hygiene may also cause dental problems such periodontal disease. All this can lead to loss of teeth.
  • Lack of proper nutrition - If your diets lacks certain essential nutrients, it can decrease your mouth’s resistance to infection. For e.g. decreased calcium intake affects tooth retention and can increase the risk of tooth loss. Similarly, foods rich in sugar, carbohydrates and acids damage your teeth and gums.
  • Irregular dental check-ups - It is a must to visit the dentist at least once in six months. Irregular dental check-ups may cause a few tell-tale signs of impending tooth loss to go unnoticed. If your dentist catches your dental problem in time, he can always also save a tooth that might be lost otherwise.
  • Accidents -Unforeseen circumstances such as a sudden trauma may cause root fracture which may develop infection and eventually lead to the loss of that tooth.
  • Bruxism - Tooth grinding can wear down or chip a tooth and put excess force on the tissues supporting the tooth, ultimately causing bone loss. Once a tooth loses its supporting bone, it can easily fall off.
  • Smoking and tobacco - They together infect the gums, weaken the teeth and lead to an inevitable tooth loss.
To protect your teeth from any gum diseases use Ayurvedic toothpaste such as Dabur Red Paste which will never fail to shield you from dental problems caused due to the above reasons. Use it and know the difference! Maintain proper oral care and choose the right toothpaste to keep all dental problems away & ensure proper dental care.

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