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7 Home Remedy for Tooth Pain and Tooth Ache

14 August 2015, Dabur Dental Team

A bad tooth can trouble, anywhere, anytime. While it is absolutely important to get it checked by a dentist at the earliest, for quick relief, one must know a couple of home remedies for toothache. If you are experiencing a tooth ache you may feel sharp, throbbing, or constant pain in your mouth, swelling around the tooth, fever, headache, foul-tasting drainage from the infected tooth, earache and pain upon opening your mouth wide. Use these following home remedy for tooth pain:
  • Bite on a Cotton Ball Soaked with Clove Oil
    Oil derived from clove buds has natural analgesic properties. It's an organic alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers. Clove oil should be available at a chemist or an organic store. Always keep it with you if you are likely to suffer from a dental problem. Soak a cotton ball in the clove oil and place it in the sore area of your mouth and gently bite down. Clove oil is safe to ingest, but it may burn your gums a little. In the long run, it is also effective in preventing cavities and reducing bad breath. This is one of the best toothache home remedies.
  • Cold/Hot Compress
    This is one of the most effective home remedy for tooth ache. Try both and see what suits you better. Cover an ice pack with a face cloth or towel then hold over your cheek where the problem is. This will help numb the pain. If this doesn’t work, try the opposite – a hot compress.
  • Salt Water:
    Mix a heaped tablespoon full of salt in a small glass of warm water; swirl around inside your mouth for as long as you can, spit out. Repeat as needed.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide:
    Swoosh a bit of hydrogen peroxide. If the taste is too horrid for you, try diluting with a bit of water.
  • Alcohol:
    Swoosh a bit of whiskey, scotch, brandy or vodka. A strong mouthwash that contains alcohol can help give you relief from a dental problem.
  • Acupressure Technique
    With your thumb, press the point on the back of your other hand where the base of your thumb and your index finger meet. Apply pressure for about two minutes. This helps trigger the release of endorphins, the brain’s feel-good hormones.
  • Baking Soda
    Amongst all tooth pain home remedies, you must defiantly try this one! Dip a moist cotton ball in some baking soda and apply it to the affected area. You can also make a mouth rinse by mixing a heaping spoonful of baking soda in a small glass of lukewarm to warm water, dissolve the soda then swish the mixture in your mouth.
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