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Best Toothpaste for Tartar Control, Sensitive Teeth & Teeth Whitening

27 August 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Everyone has unique oral care needs. Then why should everyone use the same toothpaste? Choose your toothpaste according to your oral care requirement. Take dental advice for the same. Here are some special toothpastes available in the market to help you get rid of various dental problems:

Toothpaste for Tartar control & Bad Breath

Plaque and tartar affect the teeth a great deal. If plaque isn't removed promptly with proper oral hygiene, it hardens into tartar. This hard-to-remove deposit can build up on your teeth and under your gums, ultimately leading to gum disease. There are several ways in which you can alter your dental hygiene practices to help protect your teeth from the build-up of plaque and tartar. One such way is professional teeth cleaning, once in every six months. On a regular basis you need a toothpaste like the best ayurvedic toothpaste - Dabur Red Paste to help control tartar. Dabur Red Paste is a unique blend of traditional Indian medicine and modern pharmaceutical technology. It is packed with the power of 13 active ayurvedic ingredients like Laung, Pudina & Tomar that keep all your dental problems away. Dabur Red Paste is very successful against plaque, tartar, gingivitis and bad breath, tooth sensitivity and can show considerable relief if used to soothe these dental problems. Ask for dental advice from your professional help.

Toothpastes for Sensitive Teeth

People with sensitive teeth experience various levels of discomfort. Their teeth are easily irritated by hot or cold temperatures and they have to abstain from eating things they like best. Thus, it is important for them to use the best herbal toothpaste- Meswak for sensitive teeth. With its special ingredient - the Miswak herb, this toothpaste provides lasting protection from tooth pain by blocking pathways through the teeth that attach to nerves inside the teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste

Everyone loves a sparkling white smile. There is no doubt that as opposed to stained teeth, white teeth do add a special charm and glow to one’s face. It is the simplest way to improve one’s appearance and feel good about the way one looks. Thus the best natural toothpaste - Babool, works to give its users a healthy, white smile. It contains herbal abrasive particles or chemicals that effectively polish the teeth or bind to stains and help pull them off the tooth surface. Avoid all dental problems by choosing the correct toothpaste from the Dabur house of oral care needs. Maintain proper oral hygiene and choose the right toothpaste to keep all dental problems away & ensure proper dental care.

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