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Home Remedies for Tooth Decay and How to Prevent

27 August 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Tooth decay treatment is the most commonly sought after dental treatment. Tooth decay is a common dental problem that occurs when acids in your mouth dissolve the outer layers of your teeth. This can lead to a hole in the tooth, called a cavity. There are various other causes that lead to tooth decay. If not taken care of with the best herbal toothpaste Meswak, tooth decay can cause pain, infection, and tooth loss.

Given below are some treatment options on how to prevent tooth decay at home:

  • Ice Therapy:

    Cold compression is very effective in relieving cavity pain. Use some ice cubes, wrapped in a towel and press it gently against the painful tooth. Repeat thrice daily for 15 minutes each time.
  • Warm Water:

    Rinsing your mouth with warm water is a good way of soothing this discomfort caused due to cavities. You can also use warm water while brushing your teeth to help prevent formation of bacteria. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential to avoid cavity pain.
  • Gargling:

    Gargling with warm salted water helps kill bacteria in the mouth and throat. It helps get rid of bad breath and foul taste in the mouth.
  • Wheat Grass Juice:

    Wheat grass juice is known for restricting the growth of bacteria. Consuming it is very beneficial for cavity-affected teeth.
  • Garlic and Onion:

    The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties of garlic and onion help relieve toothache. In case of cavity pain, you can place a slice of onion on the painful tooth. Application of garlic paste with rock salt helps relieve cavity pain.
  • Lemon with Asafoetida: Make a paste of asafoetida powder and lemon juice. Heat the mixture slightly and place a cotton swab soaked in this mixture in the tooth cavity. This formula is known for its instant relief!
  • Clove/Camphor Oil:

    A clove exhibits antiseptic properties and pressing the clove with the help of the infected tooth helps relieve the pain. Apply clove oil or directly use the clove. Pepper powder can also be added to a few drops of clove oil for greater relief.
    1. These home remedies for tooth decay are not only inexpensive but effective too. Try them out and get instant relief!

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