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Stages Of Tooth Development Birth To Adulthood

31 August 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Teeth are an important part of our personality. While we take them for granted, let’s spare some time and read about their evolution in our lives and how to take care of teeth during their evolution. Here is the journey your teeth take from birth to adulthood.

The development of teeth is as essential as the development of baby’s other organs in a mother’s womb. Did you know that your baby’s teeth begin to grow in your womb, as early as six weeks into pregnancy? To ensure that your child has no dental problems right from the start, you must avoid drinking, smoking and start visiting your dentist regularly throughout pregnancy.

In the kid’s tooth department, 6 months is when the real action starts. This is when your baby’s first teeth begin to appear. A total of 20 baby teeth appear, one by one. Appropriate dental care is very essential during this stage.

Years 2 to 5 are considered to be the formative years in a child’s growth and development. It is during this time frame that a baby learns to react and adapt to his environment. This is also the time when the baby’s mind is fertile enough to understand and follow a routine and inculcate good habits. Thus, we must understand that as healthy teeth are extremely important for a good and healthy lifestyle, we must tutor our kids and encourage them to maintain a healthy smile.

As your child continues to grow, you will notice new and exciting abilities that he develops. Around the age of 6, while your child begins to develop some adult like attributes such as responsibility, independence, he is still a small and innocent baby in many ways. The same is the case with his teeth. From the age of 6-12 years, children have a mixture of adult and baby teeth. By the age of 12, most children have all their adult teeth in place except for the wisdom teeth.

By the time your child turns 13 years old, most of his permanent teeth will be in place. But this is not where your challenge stops. Kids throughout their teens often develop a mind of their own. It is almost next to impossible to get kids of this age group to adhere to a daily oral care routine, eating healthy habits etc. Having said that, there may be a number of factors out there that can play havoc when it comes to your child’s oral health. Genetics is one. Tooth development problems due to a prior prolonged sickness can be another. Then there is always poor oral hygiene and eating habits that can make your kids succumb to a bad dental health. While some of the above factors may be unavoidable, there is a still a lot you can do to make sure your child has great teeth and gums. Starting from now, the wisdom tooth can begin to show up anytime.

Thus, all throughout this stages of tooth development & how to take care of your teeth from conception to adulthood, it is important to use the best ayurvedic toothpaste- Dabur Red Paste to keep the teeth protected against any dental problems.

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