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How to Treat Bad Breath in Kids?

08 December 2016, Dabur Dental Team

Parents are responsible for the well-being of their children. After crossing a certain age, kids want to do things on their own but that does not mean that as a parent your responsibility to make sure they do these things in a correct manner diminishes in any way. Your supervision is always important in everything they do.

So if your kid wants to brush his teeth by himself, it does not mean that you should brief him and leave the bathroom. Let him brush his teeth on his own but do stand by to see if he is following the proper process and doing it correctly. Many kids find brushing to be a tedious process and so try either to skip it altogether or do it in a rushed manner just to get done with it quickly. This habit can cause harm to their teeth and gums in the long run.

Tiny food particles left in the mouth become a major cause of problems like plaque, tartar, tooth decay and bad breath among others. Therefore, if you want your kid to remain free from any tooth related problem or even bad breath, do make it a point to accompany your child in his daily teeth cleaning regime.

What causes bad breath in kids?

The medical term for bad breath is ‘halitosis’. Pay close attention to your little one’s breath and if it smells foul, take corrective measures. Usually, the main factor behind bad breath in kids is inadequate dental hygiene but other factors may also include:

1. Inadequate dental hygiene-

If your child does not brush his teeth properly twice a day it can lead to the problem of bad breath. Not just teeth but tongue and gums are also the breeding ground for bacteria that causes bad odor in the mouth. So, always teach them the importance of proper oral care and hygiene.

2. Mouth dryness or dry mouth-

Saliva helps to neutralize the bacteria in the mouth. Dry mouth hampers the saliva production. If bacteria neutralization does not happen properly it can result in bad breath.

3. Mouth breathing-

When your child breathes from his mouth instead of the nose, it disrupts saliva from flushing the bacteria. As a result, it causes bad breath.

4. White tongue-

Bacteria are there on the tongue too. If your child does not clean his tongue properly, bad breath causing bacteria will collect there resulting in bad breath emanating from his mouth.

5. Oral infections-

Gum inflammation, tooth decay, cavities, mouth sores and minor dental surgeries etc. also contribute to the problem of bad breath.

6. Strong foods-

If your child consume foods that have a distinctive strong smell like garlic, onion etc. that can temporarily lead to bad breath.

7. Certain medicines-

Due to chemical breakdown in the body, the after effect of some medicines can lead to the problem of bad breath in your child.

8. Illness or allergies-

If your tiny tot is allergic to certain foods and medicines or if he is suffering from tonsils, sinus etc. then he may have bad breath.

How to treat bad breath in kids?

Treating Bad Breath in Kids Bad breath in kids is a common problem and with few corrective measures is totally curable too. The treatment for bad breath includes:

1. Proper oral care routine -

Because it is about your child, you need to be extra cautious of products that you’d use to keep his teeth clean and smile intact. Always insist on following a twice a day brushing and cleaning routine. The teeth and gums of children are soft and sensitive so toothpaste like Dabur Red Paste is apt to include in their regime. A natural formula, it is packed with benefits of 13 Ayurvedic herbs like pudina, laung & tomar that provide protection against all dental problems. Dabur Red Paste

1. Nutrition is the key-

Healthy diet contributes a lot to your overall oral health. Cutting down on certain foods like sugary snacks, aerated drinks and candies can work wonders on the oral health of your child. Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and include protein and calcium rich diet of eggs, milk and other dairy products.

2. Feed him a proper breakfast-

A proper breakfast boosts up the saliva production. Saliva neutralizes the oral bacteria thus aiding in combating the problem of bad breath.

3. Hydrate-

Drinking water activates functioning of the salivary glands and maintains a proper flow of saliva in the mouth. Give your child enough liquids to balance things out for him.

4. Wash it up-

Cultivate in your child the habit of washing his mouth after every meal. This would ensure strength and health of teeth and gums. Just swirl clean water in the mouth and spit it out.

5. Insist on mouthwash-

If your little one is old enough to use a mouthwash, make sure he does that on a regular basis. Remember to administer an alcohol free mouthwash for your child.

6. Clean the tongue-

Bacteria formation on the tongue can lead to formation of white patches on it, which is among the major causes of bad breath in kids. To avoid the problem, ensure that your child cleans his tongue properly and softly using a tongue cleaner. Make sure that he does not do it too aggressively because this may lead to bleeding.

7. Regularize your visit to dentist-

Take your child regularly to the dentist (at least twice a year). Despite you taking proper care, there might be things that may become the cause of decay or problem in future. To clear out all possibilities of gum or tooth infection, regular check-up at the dentist can go a long way in maintaining your child’s the oral health, prevent bad breath problem and keep his smile intact. Despite these measures, if the problem of bad breath persists, do visit a dentist. For more tips and cures keep following our dental blog. Maintain proper oral hygiene and choose the right toothpaste to keep all dental problems away & ensure proper dental care.

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