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Oral Health Care for Your Toddler’s Teeth

01 July 2014, Dabur Dental Team

Excited about those pearly white additions in your tiny tot’s mouth? Beware, they may become a powerhouse of problems before you even know it!Neglecting baby teeth isn't the only misstep parents can make. Here’s a game plan for overall dental care.


Begin at the Beginning:
Gifting your toddler a visit to the dentist, on his first birthday, is the best you can do for his precious teeth. Early preventive care saves money and discomfort in the long run. Problems (if any) identified at a young age have a brighter chance to sort themselves out. Also, a visit to the dentist can be very enlightening for young parents, as they can learn the correct dental care methods for their toddlers.

Good Habits Mean Good Teeth:

  • Brushing should have a strict routine in your child’s life, right from the start, as it is very crucial.
  • When your toddler has no teeth, clean the gums delicately with a soft washcloth.
  • When the first tooth appears, you can use gauze to clean it.
  • When more teeth appear, brush twice daily using a soft baby toothbrush and fluoridated Babool toothpaste.
  • Begin flossing as early as when two teeth touch each other, but make sure not to injure the gums in the process. Your baby’s dentist can teach you how. However, begin using a mouthwash only when the child can definitely spit it out.


What’s to be understood is that for children, brushing and flossing is crucial, especially before bedtime. Ensure that they avoid food and drinks inbetween their night’s last and next morning’s first brushing session. Brushing before going to bed is of utmost importance as while we sleep, the secretion of saliva decreases (saliva acts as a protective fluid against dental decay).

Avoid Baby Bottle Decay:
The simplest way to put your infant to sleep is by letting him suckle on a bottle of milk. As much as you may like the idea from a ‘soothing’ point of view, you may be risking the health of his teeth in the bargain.When sugary liquids cling to baby's teeth,they feedbacteria that can trigger tooth decay. If you must give your child a bottle to take to bed, make sure it contains only water. However, sleeping while sucking onto a bottle is not advisable as it may cause growth complications in the child’s teeth and jaws.

Stick to the Basics:
There are many new baby products in the market that look fancy and promise to make life simpler. However, have you ever analysed that short term benefits may have disastrous long term effects? Prolonged use of a sipper can cause decay at the back of the front teeth, if the beverages are sugary. Also, in the long term, pacifiers can affect the top and bottom teeth line-up and the shape of the mouth.

As a young parent, always read, discuss and be aware about things pertaining to the dental care of your toddler. Teeth are a very important part of your baby’s overall personality. Don’t let your ignorance or slip-ups cost him his oral health.

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