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How to Take Care Baby’s Gums and Teeth

05 August 2014, Dabur Dental Team

You will be surprised to know that baby teeth start forming in the mother’s womb within 6 weeks of conception. It is a different thing that they stay hidden inside the gums and only start surfacing once the child is about 6 months old. So you can imagine how important they are if nature too invests in their development so early on. Read on to know all about the importance that baby teeth have in the growth and development of your child.

Primary teeth (baby teeth, milk teeth) are the set of 20 teeth that children get initially in preparation for having adult teeth. Your baby’s first tooth will erupt between six to eight months. This will be a very tedious period with your toddler feeling cranky, irritable and unwell due to sore gums, a phase called ‘Teething’. When teething starts, you must be prepared with teething rings that may give relief to your toddler when he chews on them. Rubbing sore gums gently with a clean finger or wiping with a soft wet towel, the back of a cold spoon or a cold, can help also soothe the gums. While your baby is teething, it is important to monitor the teeth for signs of baby bottle decay (Nursing Bottle Caries). Examine the teeth, especially on the inside or the tongue side every two weeks for dull spots or lines.Brush their teeth using best toothpaste in India - Babool. Do not leave a bottle containing sugary liquidslike milk or juice, in the mouth of your baby when he’s going to sleep. Replace it with water to avoid a massive tooth decay attack.
Now that we have given you dental care tips for your toddler’s baby teeth, we’ll tell you why you all this is so important:

Place Holding The main job of the primary teeth is to reserve a specific spot in the mouth for the adult teeth that begin to arrive, when your child is about six years old. If teeth fall out too early due to decay or injury there will be nothing to prevent the teeth behind from moving or drifting forward. This can lead to complications such as crowding later on and give rise to the need for braces, increased cavities due to overcrowding, crooked teeth or an improper bite.

Speech Development If you wish for your child to speak as clearly and quickly as others of his age, taking good care of his pearly whites is a must, especially in the initial years. Baby teeth play a very vital role in enabling your child to form words, which in turn enables him to communicate well and become confident.

Chewing Primary teeth aid in the normal development of jaw bones and facial muscles so that your baby can learn to chew their food. If it had not been for these teeth, your baby would never be able to consume any solid food and would end up becoming weak and under-nourished.
Baby teeth are meant to pave the path for a lifetime of healthy oral care. The best time to start off with good dental health is as soon as the first tooth erupts in the mouth. Even before the teeth erupt, one should take care to keep the gum pads clean using a soft wet cloth. Always remember to seek professional advice and help periodically for the best oral care of your child.

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