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Reasons for Bad Breath in Kids

22 December 2014, Dabur Dental Team

Let’s face it, bad breath in adults or kids can become a major cause of embarrassment. But as parents, it is our responsibility to make sure our child is both presentable as well as medically fit. And bad breath may be indicating otherwise. The bacteria that are the reasons for bad breath or halitosis lives on oral debris and the dental plaque in between the teeth. That means bad breath obviously results from poor dental hygiene and can cause other dental problems as well.

While it is impossible to ensure that children are brushing, flossing and rinsing thoroughly and twice daily, it is important that as parents we maintain a strict oral care routine and make sure it is followed. They must know the correct method of brushing, how and where all to clean, the quantity of toothpaste to use, etc. Make sure your kid is using nothing but India’s best toothpaste- Babool to avoid any dental problems. Toothpaste is natural toothpaste packed with the benefits of Babool that helps to keep your child’s gums healthy and teeth strong by fighting harmful bacteria.

Apart from a slack in the brushing-flossing oral care routine, there are also certain illnesses that can trigger off bad breath:

  • An infection or congestion in the sinuses or nasal cavities, the post nasal drip can lead to bad breath in children.
  • If your child has something stuck in his nose, it can lead to an infection which causes bad breath as well as a smelly discharge and odour emanating from the nose.
  • Tonsillitis can cause bad breath in children. If the tonsils have pockets of infection which open and begin to drain, the resulting products of infection can lead to bad breath.
  • If your child has bad breath along with other symptoms of an illness, plan a visit to the paediatrician on an urgent basis.
To keep all dental problems under check, and solutions of how to control bad breath in your child, here are a few things that you can do:
  • Using a medium bristled toothbrush, teach your children to brush in between their teeth and the entire tongue every time they brush. Tooth brushing demonstrations can be obtained at your nearest dental clinic by the dentist.
  • Make sure kids brush and floss at least twice every day to remove any debris in between the teeth. Brushing and flossing at night before going to bed is very important.
  • Encourage your child to drink more water and give them crunchy foods to chew on as this mechanically cleanses the teeth and avoids dental problems.
  • Make after-meal brushing a habit.
Even the type of odour can indicate the nature of problem in your kid. Thus, always keep a very watchful eye on the oral health and overall wellbeing of your child. Get a persistent bad breath problem checked up by the dentist before it progresses to become a huge dental problem.

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