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yellow, yellow, dirty fellow

22 December 2014, Dabur Dental Team

Don’t let this rhyme become an embarrassing reality for your child. It will be waste to let the innocence and cuteness of your precious little one hide behind a set of unappealing and stained yellow teeth. There are several reasons why your child’s teeth may turn yellow. Tooth discoloration may be classified as external or internal, and treatment depends on what the cause of yellow teeth is. Let’s read on to find out what causes yellow teeth in kids:

  • Poor Dental Hygiene
    Not brushing and flossing regularly in order to remove plaque and staining substances can cause teeth to turn yellow. The inescapable reality is that most kids hate brushing their teeth. This results in many dental problems. Try and make the entire brushing activity interesting for your child by making brushing times, fun times. Buy a musical toothbrush for your kid or one with cartoon characters on it. You must also buy very pleasant tasting toothpastes for your kids if you want them to brush diligently. Try India’s best toothpaste- avoid any dental problems. Babool toothpaste is natural toothpaste packed with the benefits of Babool that helps to keep your child’s gums healthy, teeth strong and helps fight them from staining.
  • Dental Fluorosis
    This is a condition that occurs in children about 8 years of age and is caused by ingesting too much fluoride during the tooth-forming years. The fluoride harms the cells that creates enamel, causing the teeth to turn yellow and is usually irreversible. Excessive fluorosis causes flaking of the outer layer of the teeth leading to sensitivity. You must remember to monitor the levels of fluoride that your child is in taking to avoid such a dental problem.
  • Medication
    Certain antibiotics can cause the discolouration of teeth and are best avoided for children or mothers during pregnancy. The enamel staining may affect the entire tooth and can be impossible to remove without using bleaching techniques. The amount of damage will depend on the duration of the exposure and what part of the tooth's enamel was being formed when the medicine was being consumed by the child.
  • Accidents
    Unfortunate accidents that damage the nerve in or near a tooth may cause yellow or even black staining in children's teeth. A dentist should be consulted immediately after any such accident takes place. While the outside of a hurt tooth may whiten with bleaching, etc., it is the inside of the tooth that needs special & professional attention.
  • As parents, it is important for you to stay vigilant and aware about the oral health of your child so as to avoid any traumatising dental problems
Maintain proper oral hygiene and choose the right toothpaste to keep all dental problems away & ensure proper dental care.

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