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Toddlers And Their Teeth

02 February 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Did you know that a baby’s teeth begin to form at about the 5th week of the gestation period? By the time of birth, a full set of primary teeth has begun to form underneath the baby´s gums. During the last three months of pregnancy, the mother provides the minerals needed to calcify the baby´s teeth. These minerals come from the mother’s increased intake of calcium-rich foods. To ensure that your new-born’s health and teeth are healthy and strong, following a nutritious diet along with essential dental care tips during pregnancy and after the baby is born is of great essence.

Once the baby is born, his first tooth begins to come in between 6-10 months of age. These are called primary teeth and they eventually give way to permanent teeth. These primary teeth are very important for your child’s development. To begin with, they reserve the space for your child’s permanent teeth. They help your child learn to chew and thus ensure proper nutrition. Besides playing a significant role in proper speech development, when the permanent set of teeth grow in perfect alignment and correct place they enhance your child’s appearance. Thus, even before your child’s first tooth appears, it is important to begin taking care of your baby’s mouth.

You can follow these dental care tips when your baby’s teeth start showing up.
- Begin with cleaning the baby’s toothless gums with a clean & soft wash cloth.
- When the 1st tooth appears, you can clean it with a gauge.
- When more teeth come in, you can use the best toothpaste in India- Babool.
- You can begin to floss your toddler’s teeth as soon as two of them appear side by side.
- Your baby’s first dentist visit should be scheduled as soon as he turns one.
- You must also save your baby’s teeth from Baby Bottle Decay by avoiding sugary liquids, like milk, juices etc., to stay in the mouth for long, especially throughout the night.

Baby teething is another problem that you will surely encounter. It is common for babies to experience pain, irritation, loss of appetite etc. when they begin to teeth. For immediate relief you must give them something cold and soothing, like a teething ring, to chew on. If your child does not feel better soon, consult with your child’s paediatric dentist for other recommendations to make your baby more comfortable during this process.

Thumb sucking is another challenge you will face during your baby’s growing up years. Babies have a natural sucking reflex that begins before birth. They often find it very soothing to suck a thumb, but a prolonged sucking habit may cause the front teeth and the surrounding bone to be pushed out of shape. If the habit continues into preschool years, turn to your baby’s dentist for advice as a prolonged thumb sucking habit can cause the front teeth to become malaligned. The paediatric dentist can give your child a customised habit breaking appliance to get rid of it.

Bringing your baby up can be a challenge. It’s important to always consult your dentist about issues that you are facing and keep updated regarding the same by reading up and interacting with other parents who have kids as old as yours. A 6-monthly visit to the dentist is a good idea!

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