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Is Your Kid Suffering From Swollen Gums

03 February 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Is your kid troubled with swollen, inflamed and painful gums that bleed or just look unsightly? Sores and other problems in and around your child's mouth can be painful and worrisome. Swollen gums in particular can cause a lot of short and long-term issues.
How do you know that your kid has swollen gums?
Make sure to check your child’s mouth every 6 months and watch out for the following symptoms:
  • When diseased, the gums appear to be soft, swollen and puffy/shiny and reddish-purple in colour.
  • The gums tend to bleed easily while brushing or flossing.
  • Gums may recede and feel tender.
  • There may be a constant bad breath and a bad taste in the mouth.
  • Pain may occur at times.
What can cause swollen gums in kids?
  • Poor oral hygiene: Are your kids eating all they want but not brushing enough? This can lead to plaque and calculus build up and lead to swollen gums and greater dental problems later on.
  • Plaque is a sticky material made of bacteria, mucus, and food debris that forms on the teeth. If allowed to remain long enough, it hardens and the subsequent irritation leads to redness, inflammation and bleeding from gums. Proper brushing and oral hygiene measures can take care of plaque. So always make sure your kids brush with India’s best toothpaste- Babool. Babool Toothpaste is natural toothpaste packed with the benefits of Babool that helps to keep your child’s gums healthy and teeth strong.
  • Swollen gums in children could be due to poor oral hygiene, erupting teeth, trauma or diseases like Type I diabetes; Down syndrome; Kindler syndrome; and Papillon-Lefevre syndrome. They could also be swollen around any orthodontic braces if they are not following oral hygiene instructions properly, or if there is constant irritation from the braces due to some reason.
  • How can you save your child from these dental problems?
    • Regular Dentist Visits: Early diagnosis is important for successful treatment of dental problems. A general medical evaluation should be considered for children who exhibit severe gum problems.
    • Good Oral Care Habits: The most important preventive step against gum disease is to establish good oral health habits with your child. There should be a strict eating-brushing routine that should be maintained no matter what. Such habits should start early. When your child is 12 months old, you can begin brushing his or her teeth. When the gaps between your child's teeth close, it's important to start flossing.
    • It helps to make brushing a fun activity for the child so that the child can form a habit to sleep after brushing his/her teeth.
    To make sure whatever you preach is sincerely obeyed, you too must follow the good oral hygiene rules that you make for your kids

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