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Effective Home Remedies for Tooth Pain in Children

03 February 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Dealing with tooth pain means restless nights, nightmares and loss of sleep for everyone in the family. It can turn into a very dreadful and depressing experience as the trauma doubles when it’s happening to your baby. Toothache is basically the pain in and around the teeth and jaws which usually starts suddenly and can vary from mild discomfort to severe throbbing. Due to toothache, your baby may experience swelling around the tooth, fever or headache and foul-tasting drainage from the infected tooth.

It is important to understand what can cause your precious little one this trauma of toothache. Also as precaution is better than cure, make sure your kids brush with India’s best toothpaste- Babool. Babool Toothpaste is natural toothpaste packed with the benefits of Babool that helps to keep your child’s gums healthy and teeth strong. The causes of toothache can be many. Often, toothache is the result of a cavity. In other cases, a tooth may be broken. And sometimes, the cause is nothing more than a piece of food that’s stuck between teeth.

When your child complains of an aching tooth, the first thing you should do is to look inside their mouth and examine the area where it hurts. Also, look for a chipped tooth or a filling that might be loose or missing, as there can be other causes of a child’s toothache. After identifying the cause of toothache, one must be aware of what can be done for immediate relief. Start by asking for an appointment with your dentist to get any dental problem checked up.

Home remedies for Tooth Pain in Children


  • Ice Pack: Cover an ice pack with a face cloth or towel then hold it over your kid’s cheek. This will help numb things and reduce swelling if any. You can also try hot compress if the cold one does not work.
  • Baking Soda: Take a moist cotton swab, dip it in baking soda and then apply to the problem area.
  • Salt Water: Mix a heaped tablespoon of salt in a small glass of warm water; swirl around inside your kid’s mouth and repeat as needed.
  • Cloves: Put a clove against the sore area until the pain goes away. You can also use a drop or two of clove oil for your little one.


Here is what you can do to avoid recurrence of toothache in your kids:


  • A Healthy Diet- Avoid starchy and sugary food that sticks to your child’s teeth. Get your child to chew on crunchy foods as they naturally clean the teeth.
  • Teeth Cleaning Programme- Always make sure you get your child to remove food that sticks to and between the teeth. Brushing after meals is a good habit and must be inculcated early in life. Establish a good oral care routine to avoid dental problems.
  • Wearing Dental Guards- While playing sports, it is important that your child wears dental guards to save himself from an accident that might cause tooth ache.
Maintain proper oral hygiene and choose the right toothpaste to keep all dental problems away & ensure proper dental care.

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