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Oral health care in growing up kids

10 February 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Do your kids think that they are too cool to pay attention to brushing? Oral health care is a habit that must be inculcated in your kid early on. As a concerned parent, you must make sure that your child has healthy eating habits and that s/he visits the dentist every 6 months. It is critical that the tween and teen follow dental care tips and understand that their behaviour and actions can set them on a course for a healthy mouth and pleasant smile in the years ahead.

Here are a couple of things you can do to convince your children to take care of their oral health.

Get their attention
Social acceptance becomes very important to our kids as they grow up. Explain the medical complications of poor oral hygiene to them such as plaque build-up, tooth decay, gum surgery, root canal, tooth loss. If health concerns do not stimulate them, try and stress more on the superficial elements of poor oral care, like stained, ugly teeth and terrible breath. That might get their attention. This dental care tip almost never fails! Regular discussions on oral care & hygiene within families have successfully been used as a motivation for the younger generation to fall in sync with good practices.

Tempt them
Your kids act very smart when they need you to agree to their demands, so why can’t you? If your kid is one who neglects oral hygiene, despite your constant coaxing, there are only 2 ways in which you can convince him to do otherwise; either make the entire brushing experience worth their while or tempt them with rewards. For kids between13-15 years of age, try adding an iPod into the brushing routine so that it starts feeling like less of a chore. An array of interesting toothbrushes, branded by their favourite celebs or stars can be used to encourage them as well. Powered electric brush fascinate some kids & can be used as a bait. For teens of all ages, rewards can help. Make sure you gift them something they need badly in return of them diligently sticking to their brushing routine.

Turn to experts
If none of the above routes seem to work, your last and final resort is to turn to an expert who can guide your child and convince him to take care of his oral health. Your family dentist, known to the child for years, may be a good choice. He can explain dental care tips to your child and might be able to get his attention better than you. Some dental offices acknowledge good oral hygiene practices & regular visits by rewarding kids with certificates, pamphlets & other forms of recognition. Also, try and subtly educate your child about what he may be heading towards if he continues to neglect his oral care. Do this subtly, without making it obvious. Casually leave pamphlets around the house that talk about the drastic consequences of poor oral-hygiene.

When kids are growing up, getting them to sit down, listen and learn the significance of genuinely important things in life is next to impossible. Tween and teens are very formative and complex years in the life of your child. Habits inculcated during this time period tend to stay with your kids forever. Thus, make a conscious effort to try all you can to make your child an oral health freak. Your child will thank you years later for the gift of good oral health that you gave him/her during their childhood.

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