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Benefits of Aloe Vera-Oral Health

04 March 2015, Dabur Dental Team

The aloe vera plant which grows in warm climates produces two substances, gel and latex, both of which are used for medicines. Aloe vera is also beneficial in the treatment and prevention of teeth and gum problems as it destroys harmful bacteria, disinfects the mouth and fights infection. Aloe vera products for oral health include toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss. Aloe tooth gel is ideal for those with sensitive teeth, it cleanses and soothes the gums and teeth, and it is highly recommended by Indian best toothpaste makers - Dabur, as it helps prevents dental problems.
  • Aloe vera helps reducing the risk of tooth decay.
  • Dentist’s advice applying it directly to the sites of periodontal surgery.
  • It can also be applied to the gum tissues when they have been traumatized or scratched.
  • Aloe vera kills harmful bacteria and fungus while promoting healthy digestion. It also helps protect the soft tissues of the oral cavity, reducing the likelihood of bad breath.
  • Aloe helps relieve chemical burns quickly.
  • Using aloe vera oral care products can reduce the risks of developing dangerous oral diseases.
  • Aloe vera can also be used around dental implants to control inflammation from bacteria contamination.
  • It can also aid denture patients with sore ridges to reduce the inflammatory irritations and other dental problems.
  • Besides dental care, aloe vera can be put to many other medical uses as well. consuming aloe vera juice regularly boosts immune system and helps you to stay young and fit.
  • Aloe vera is used to treat cure cuts, wounds, burns, abrasions, inflammations and skin breakage.

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Maintaining proper oral hygiene and using the right toothpaste plays a vital role in keeping dental problems away.


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