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Home Remedies for White Teeth

16 March 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Dental bleaching, also known as tooth whitening, is a common procedure in general dentistry. Tooth whitening rest ores natural tooth colour and bleaching whitens the teeth more than the original colour. Whitening can happen in two ways - Professional Tooth Whitening and At-Home Tooth Whitening. Whitened teeth need maintenance to keep them in proper shape and free from any dental problem.

Here are some tips that can help you keep your pearly whites white:

  • Avoid certain foods - Avoid the consumption of, or exposure to, foods that stain teeth, such as coffee, tea, and red wine. You can also use a straw so the liquid bypasses your front teeth.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables - Crunchy vegetables such as raw celery and carrots, and crispy fruits like raw apples and pears are naturally abrasive, which means they'll polish your teeth and remove stains from your tooth enamel. They also encourage your mouth to produce saliva, which helps protect teeth from cavity-causing bacteria and keeps teeth sparkling and clean.
  • Blush and floss regularly - Hygiene is the key to a sparkling smile. Daily brushing and flossing can save your teeth from a bacteria attack and help prevent cavities that often discolour teeth. Keep away many dental problems by following this one simple dental care tip.
  • Try home remedies - Mix baking soda and lemon juice into a paste. Apply the paste onto your teeth with a toothbrush, wait a minute, then brush thoroughly to remove. The baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, will help remove surface stains from your tooth enamel while the citric acid in the lemon juice has a bleaching effect. Use a clean cloth or cotton swab and apply olive oil your teeth for two to three minutes before your regular teeth-brushing routine.
  • Use natural ingredients - Avoid dental problems and keep your teeth white. Gently rub the inside of an orange or banana peel on your teeth for about two minutes once or twice a day. The minerals that these wonder fruits contain will get absorbed into your teeth and help keep them looking their best!
  • Consider touch-up treatments – If you’ve got a professional treatment done before, chances are you may need a touch-up at least after a year or two. The frequency will majorly depend on your eating and hygiene habits.
Proper dental care can avoid all dental problems. And keep the teeth clean and white. Use India’s best toothpaste - Meswak, for best results.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene and using the right toothpaste plays a vital role in keeping dental problems away. Visit our blog to know more about dental care and following an oral care routine to keep teeth strong and healthy


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