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Dental Cosmetics

Dental Cosmetics

Dental treatments these days involve a lot more than just taking out decays and teeth. Many people nowadays, are using dental cosmetics to enhance their overall look by using procedures such as Enameloplasty, orthodontic braces and denture addition.


Enameloplasty is a permanent procedure that results in reshaping the contours of the tooth which improves the appearance of the tooth. Enamelopasty procedure is sought by people who have chipped, fractured or worn enamel


Braces are the most efficient and accurate method for moving teeth. The component parts of braces are available as bands, brackets and wires made up of stainless steel. These are used in conjunction with

Braces – Dental Cosmetics
other orthodontic appliances to correct the misaligned positioning of the palate, teeth and jaws.


Dentures are placed over surrounding bone in both the upper and lower jaw and supported by soft and hard tissues in the mouth. They are a removable replacement of partially missing or completely missing teeth.
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