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What is enameloplasty?
The dental enamel is the thin translucent outermost layer that covers and protects the inner parts of the tooth which are known as the dentin and pulp. The enamel is hard and composed mainly of calcium salts. The word plasty is the surgical term for modifying and restoring parts of the body. Hence, when the dentist alters the length, shape or size of the tooth enamel, the procedure is termed as enameloplasty (also called odontoplasty or cosmetic contouring). This is a permanent procedure that results in reshaping the contours of the tooth which improves the appearance of the tooth. Enamelopasty procedure is sought by people who have chipped, fractured or worn enamel. The problem may have occurred due to grinding of teeth or when brittle objects are bitten on. The dentist can perform enameloplasty and restore the teeth by reshaping and polishing the teeth.


Enameloplasty improves the smile of the patient and corrects minor imperfections. These imperfections could be in the form of small chips on the tooth or pits or protrusions in the tooth enamel. Pointed teeth may also be reduced by cutting on the length of the tooth. Crowded teeth can also be spaced evenly by enameloplasty. Enameloplasty is a conservative reshaping procedure which doesn’t usually require anesthesia and it is a relatively short painless procedure. Sedatives can be given prior to the procedure if one is anxious.

You should visit your dentist at least once every six months. During the visit the dentist will examine your teeth and guide you if you need enameloplasty. An initial examination and X-ray of the teeth will be done. A fine diamond bur is used to remove small bits of tooth enamel. Sanding and polishing instruments are used to get the tooth to perfection.


Besides the cosmetic benefits, enameloplasty also gives other health benefits. Good oral health can be achieved from enameloplasty since with proper alignment; there will be better tooth structure, less food lodgment and also proper bite. Attractive facial appearance is also dependent on proper teeth alignment. Self esteem issues may be present in someone who has improper teeth alignment. Hence, interpersonal relations, the first impressions for job interviews etc may be affected.  Better opportunities may also be missed due to our improper teeth alignment. Chewing of food and proper speech also requires proper teeth alignment. Uneven teeth favor deposition of plaque and tartar and this eventually leads to tooth decay and gum disease. Enameloplasty can prevent all these problems and give better oral health as well as improved quality of life and wellbeing.
Enameloplasty can be regarded as the least invasive, fastest and least expensive way to have a smile makeover. It can also be considered as the first step to achieve a smile makeover that can be done for a complete smile makeover. Usually other procedures such as teeth whitening and conservative bonding can be combined with enameloplasty. Enameloplasty cannot be done if very thin enamel is found and also if the pulp distance to the surface of the tooth is too close. Likewise, in cases of deep fractures enameloplasty cannot be done. Enamel shaping is a permanent process but since teeth drift over time there may be a requirement of repeat enameloplasty in the future.
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