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Natural Ingredients for Dental care

Lavang oil

Helps in fighting germs and useful in gingivitis

Pudina Satva

Helps prevent Bad breath and Toothache

Karpura (Camphor)

Helps prevent Toothache and Bad breath


Helps prevent Toothache


Helps prevent Bleeding of gums

Tomar Beej

Helps prevent Dental diseases


Helps prevent Toothache

Babul Extract

Helps in fighting germs and making teeth strong

Meswak Extract

Helps reduce Tartar & Plaque, Prevents Tooth decay, Fights Germs & Bacteria to keep Gums Healthy, eliminate Bad Breath & Ensure Strong teeth

Meswak Extract

Helps cure Dental plaque

Meswak is the most widely used chewing stick,which is prepared from the roots or twigs of Salvadora persica,and is used in middle-eastern and eastern African cultures. Various components of Salvadora persica have been reported to have beneficial biological properties,including significant antibacterial and antifungal activity.The extracts from meswak are reported to be effective against some periodontal pathogens and other bacteria that are important during development of dental plaque.