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Oral Care For

Common Oral Problems in Adults

Oral diseases are the most common chronic diseases affecting mankind. The most common problem that most of the adults face is diseases of the gums which apparently is found in at least one out of every ten patients. Usually, gum diseases are caused by excessive plaque formation and bacterial infection. When bacteria attack teeth, they damage the ligaments and bone that support the teeth. As a result,the affected tooth and surrounding structures begins to decay, leading to further problems such as bad breath,   sensitive teeth and perpetual soreness. Medically, gum diseases are called gingivitis when the condition is in its primary stage. If neglected, the disease becomes full blown and causes more serious problems. This advanced stage of the disease   is called periodontitis and collectively gingivitis and periodontitis are termed as periodontal diseases.

Gingivitis usually affects people who are careless about their oral health. Chances of affliction are higher in diabetics and people on certain medications. Smokers and tobacco users are highly exposed to the risk of this disease because they continuously expose their oral cavity to the toxins present in tobacco. Gingivitis has also been known to occur in pregnant women (puberty, menopausal as well).

Some of the other factors that cause these dental issues are stress, weak immune system and genetic. Interestingly,not every person who contracts gingivitis is affected with periodontitis. The spread of the disease depends on general health of the person and oral care routine.

Adults could also suffer problems such as gum recession caused due to teeth grinding, bad oral health and gingivitis, halitosis or bad breath, drifting of teeth, and tooth decay that results from neglecting treatment of dental cavities, and teeth discoloration. Cavities are found more in children and seniors than in middle aged adults. Bad breath is also a common problem that many adults suffer. 

Cure for common oral diseases

When in initial stages, gingivitis can be treated by maintaining regular oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing twice a day are essential.The dentist might prescribe medicated mouthwashes and toothpastes for better results. Besides these, medication is usually not necessary.

However, when the disease progresses to periodontitis, medical attention is immediately necessary.  Deep cleaning treatments are administered to remove all traces of  plaque and bacterial infection. Areas around the affected teeth and gums are cleaned. If periodontitis is in its advanced  stages, surgeries such as gun drafting might be the only solution.

There are numerous cosmetic and orthodontic treatments that help in curing all dental issues. However,since precaution is always better than cure, all adults need to follow proper care to ensure that their teeth do not suffer serious problems.

Oral care guidelines

Regular visits to the dentist (once in 6 months or earlier if indicated) are crucial to nip budding problems. Besides this, personal care plays an important role in maintaining optimum oral health.

Adults, especially women, suffer calcium loss as they age. Calcium deficiency leads to weaker teeth. Consuming unsweetened dairy products helps in maintaining calcium level. Fruits and vegetables should be an essential part of diet.

Avoid eating foods that contain high levels of sugars, in-between meals snacking,frequent consumption of sugars,(sticky/retentive foods) and saturated fats. These foods disturb acidic-alkali balance in the oral cavity and promote dental decay.Gargles and mouth-rinsing with a mouthwash after meals is a good habit.One should not use soft toothpicks to dislodged food particles from teeth but one can opt for the use of professional interdental aids like interdental brushes, gum stimulators to dislodge food particles from teeth. 

Replace toothbrush every three(3) months. All tools related to personal dental care should be maintained cleanly.

Reduce or avoid alcohol consumption and stop tobacco usage immediately.

Always keep a lookout for any problems related to dental cavity. If you notice bleeding gums, recurring pain in the gums or throat, persistent headaches and problem in eating or swallowing, schedule an appointment with a dentist immediately, as they are the early signs of a dental problem.

Good oral hygiene and timely professional checking of teeth ensures long life for your teeth and gums.

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