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Oral Care For

Common oral problems in youngsters

According to dentists, the problems majorly faced by youngsters and their parents are:
cavities and teeth misalignment
- teeth sensitivity
- bleeding gums
- bad breath
- teeth discoloration
- tooth decay
- chipped or broken teeth caused due to injuries
- teeth grinding, abscess and different gum diseases.
- Several children also suffer early tooth loss. This is a condition in which a child loses his or her milk teeth sooner than their normal age. Early tooth loss (whether milk teeth or permanent) impacts teeth which surround the lost tooth as well. The surrounding teeth might become misaligned, crooked or dislodged. It could ultimately result in dental trauma.

Symptoms of oral problems

Apart from pain in affected areas, which is often the first symptom, there can be a host of other symptoms like:
- Persistent bad breath is a symptom as well as a disease. It signifies presence of some kind of bacterial infection
- Swollen gums
- Bleeding or pus formation in the gums
- Tenderness in the affected area
- Swollen tonsils
- Severe headaches
- Pain in the respective part of the face
- Consistent sore throat
These are some of the symptoms that should not be ignored and you should seek medical advice as early as possible.

Good oral care habits for youngsters

Two signs of a healthy dentition or oral cavity are fresh breath and white teeth. These two parameters are affected during most of the .
A dental care routine consisting of brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash should be followed twice a day (morning and bedtime). This one habit contributes the most towards maintaining fresh breath and white teeth.
Youngsters should be discouraged from eating high sugar, high fat and high calorie foods. Restriction should be put on between-meal snacking. Anything that a child eats increases acidic level in the mouth and accelerates tooth decay. However, unhealthy foods top the list of eatables that causes this problem. Immediate gargle with warm water or preferably, with a good mouthwash is always advisable post consumption of such fast foods. It is also important to drink lots of water because water is known to reinstate the pH level in the mouth. While drinking coffee or aerated drinks, drink through a straw to reduce contact with teeth.
In case of tooth discoloration, cosmetic treatments should not be administered until the age of 14. Before reaching this age, dentists should be consulted prior to using teeth whitening products that are available over the counter. Also, whitening treatments should never be performed until braces are off.
For poor teeth alignment, braces are the only solution. Teens should pay attention to oral care when their braces are on.
For fresher breath and whiter teeth, some effective natural measures are chewing on peanuts, raw fruits and vegetables, massaging with a pinch of baking soda and consuming dairy products like cottage cheese and berries.
The main cause for almost every dental issue in youngsters is unhygienic dental care habits. By maintaining good dental care, most of the problems can be prevented, remedied and cured.

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