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10 Best Calcium Rich Foods for Healthy Teeth

25 September 2015, Dabur Dental Team

Healthy and strong teeth need appropriate amount of calcium consumption. Loose teeth, premature tooth loss, softening of teeth and bleeding of gums are all signs of calcium deficiency. To avoid any dental problems in the future, concentrate on consuming calcium rich foods for healthy teeth given below. These natural sources for calcium are excellent for the teeth.
  • Milk – The best source of calcium, milk protects your teeth against periodontal (gum) disease and keeps your jaw bone strong and healthy. If you don’t get enough calcium from your daily diet, don’t forget to drink milk atleast twice a day.
  • Soyabean – has a high concentration of calcium and isoflavones, which are crucial for teeth health, can increase teeth strength and help prevent dental problems.
  • Sesame Seeds are also a viable source of several other nutrients and minerals including copper, manganese, iron, and fibre. A single tablespoon of these tiny seeds can provide you with an impressive 88 milligrams of calcium for healthy teeth. Sesame seeds are one of the rich sources of calcium.
  • Dairy - Milk, cheese and other dairy products are known for providing your body with essential calcium. Cheese alone accounts for 22% of the daily recommended value of calcium.
  • Oranges - Did you know that oranges are also an incredible source of bone-strengthening calcium?
  • Quinoa - One cup provides your body with 80 milligrams of essential calcium, or about 8% of what the average person needs per day.
  • Tofu - Just a single ounce of fried tofu provides about 100 milligrams of calcium, contributing 10% to the daily recommended amount.
  • Spinach - Raw spinach is a rich source of calcium also containing vitamin A, vitamin K, fibre and potassium, making it a super food that benefits nearly every aspect of your health.
  • Yogurt - An eight-ounce serving provides an incredible 42% of the recommended daily amount of calcium, and with only about 160 calories.
  • Almonds - In addition to providing adequate calcium for health teeth, almonds also strengthen your bones. Almonds promote weight loss, colon health, and heart health.
Consume calcium rich food to safeguard your teeth against all dental problems. Also always remember to brush your teeth, twice a day, with India’s best herbal toothpaste - Meswak. Maintain proper oral hygiene and choose the right toothpaste to keep all dental problems away & ensure proper dental care.

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